The First aid and its Importance in our Daily Life in a workshop held at the University of Warith Alanbiyaa

01 / / 2019

The Center for Continuous Education at the University of Warith Alanbiyaa (PBUH) organized, in coordination with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, the branch of Karbala, a training workshop in first aid for the university employees and students. The workshop included training the participants on how to assist patients and the injuries in emergency cases and accidents.  Also, it included the training on what are the alternative situations before transferring the patient to the hospital in the first minutes of the infection, which included all the steps to be taken to deal with these cases in a simplified form and practical application. This is to facilitate learning and to behave wisely to avoid these issues such as the cases of (Suffocation, drowning, fire, and explosions) and the emergency cases such as unconsciousness. Additionally, it involved training on how to deal with each case differently from the other as well as training on the principles of first aid in the emergency cases as a result of what is exposed to our country and to the citizen in the daily life. Meanwhile, Mr. Samir Nizar Abd, a first aid trainer in the Crescent, said it is necessary to train everyone on first aid because it is the best way to save the lives of citizens in the first minutes of the incident, which is the golden minutes to save the life of the injured people.