Developing a Stable Nanotechnology-based Gas Sensor

The University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (PBUH) announced the achievement of an innovative patent in the field of technology, by developing a stable gas sensor based on nanotechnology. The sensor accurately and effectively detects ammonia gas at room temperatures.
The new sensor is based on a network of multi-walled nanotubes activated with hydroxide (MWCNTs-OH), ensuring high stability and accuracy in detecting ammonia gas.
This patent is an important step towards developing smart and advanced gas detection technologies, and highlights the role of scientific research in achieving progress and innovation in the fields of science and technology. 

Warith Al-Anbiyaa Receives the Golden Medal for a Patent

Dr. Hakim Samawi Al-Jubouri, an assistant professor and researcher at the College of Engineering, received recognition for his involvement in a new patent at the International Conference on Patents and Industrial Designs, as well as the Golden Medal and the Creativity Medal. The French International Centre for Scientists and Inventors at the Universities of Halabja and Sulaymaniyah was in charge of organising the conference.
Assistant Professor Dr. Hakim Samawi Al-Jubouri stated: "We presented a scientific poster bearing the name of the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (PBUH), a brief overview of the patent, and an important introduction to the university's colleges and departments that seemed well-known among the important universities as part of our participation in the conference."
"These scientific activities—participating in scientific conferences and seminars in other universities—are considered very important to raise the university's classification and raise its name among the names of reputable universities," Al-Jubouri continued.