University Activities
College of Nursing Organises an Awareness-raising Campaign in the public schools of Holy Karbala

Under the supervision and follow-up of the Deanship of College of Nursing at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (PBUH), and leadership of Professor Dr. Mortada Ghanem Aday, Dean of the College, the Pediatric Nursing Branch organised an awareness campaign targeting students in a number of public schools in the Holy Governorate of Karbala. The campaign aims to raise awareness about infectious diseases, including measles, which is witnessing an increasing spread. Additionally, educating students about the importance of proper nutrition in the school environment. This activity comes within the tireless efforts made by the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (PBUH) in the field of community service, which harbors support and approval from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

“Khairat Al-Warith” Student Team Takes the Initiative in Humanitarian Duty during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Under the supervision of the Student Activities Department at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (PBUH), Khayrat Al-Warith Volunteer Team of students, which has been founded by a number of university students, continues to provide humanitarian services to disadvantaged families in the holy governorate of Karbala. The team launched the “Ramadan Basket” initiative to distribute food supplies during the holy month of Ramadan to those families.

Towards a Green University Environment: A Call to Shift to Sustainable Development

As part of efforts to enhance environmental awareness and social responsibility, Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (PBUH) adopted a new initiative to transform the university’s environment into a sustainable green space. To encourage correct environmental behaviour, a campaign to dispose of waste properly has been launched, aiming to preserve the cleanliness of the surroundings and improve the quality of life on campus. This initiative reflects the university's environmental spirit and commitment to sustainable development, as students and faculty alike are encouraged to engage in this collective action, preserving natural resources. Through these efforts, the university seeks to establish an environmental culture based on participation and responsibility, which contributes to creating a healthy and sustainable university environment for all members of the university’s community. 

Vibrant with Green: Warith Al-Anbiyaa Starts the University Environment Week

Warith al-Anbiyaa University (PBUH) is keen to advance its initiatives towards achieving sustainable and green development goals, through the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This initiative falls under the outline of the Green University Environment Week. This week includes a variety of events for faculty and students, including workshops and competitions prepared specifically for this specialization. Additionally, the week aims to emphesise the importance of preserving the sustainable development of the environment, under the slogan (Towards a Green University Environment). The goal of this initiative is to build a healthy and sustainable university environment, and to enhance the university’s role in shaping young people who are capable of being effective in building a more sustainable future for all. 

Outstanding Philanthropic Endeavors: Khairat Al-Warith Student Team Rehabilitates Residential Homes

A most wonderful philanthropic event was supervised by Dr. Hammam Abdel Abbas, Head of the Student Activities Department, and carried out by the Khairat Al-Warith Volunteer Team. The event includes students from the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (PBUH). The team aims to rehabilitate a number of houses for disadvantaged families as an expression of the spirit of devotedness and solidarity in the community. Another heartwarming gesture is providing the families with a Ramadan food basket, highlighting the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan. This gesture aims to ease the burdens of life and provide them with some comfort during this holy month. These philanthropic endeavours are embodied in aiding those in need, reflecting the students’ commitment to social responsibility and unity towards all segments of society. This, in turn, highlights the core values adopted by the Khairat Al Warith Volunteer Team.

Students of College of Law Promote a “Supportive Initiative”

After the unfortunate incident that befell their colleague, which resulted in the amputation of one of his arms, third-year students at the College of Law started an initiative entitled 'We are your Hand’, supporting their colleague in his ordeal. This gesture reflects the students’ genuine empathy towards their colleague, praying to Allah Almighty for his speedy recovery, for He is the All-Hearing, the Responsive.

Warith Al-Anbiyaa University Mobilizes Medical Resources for Local Community Service

Medical students at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (peace be upon him) are making commendable efforts through the "Community Medicine" service, providing medical support and consultations as part of the Community Medicine curriculum for fourth-year students. As part of this initiative, medical students visited nearby villages with the aim of offering specialized medical services under the supervision of faculty members. These services reflect Warith Al-Anbiyaa University's commitment to directing its medical resources towards serving the local community, improving its health, and enhancing well-being.

Research Services for the Academic Procession of Warith Al-Anbiyaa University

As part of the scientific and academic services provided by the academic procession of the university, the university's research team distributed research questionnaires related to the Arbaeen visit to the honorable pilgrims. This study aims to diagnose the concerns and aspirations of the visitors, contributing to achieving the highest levels of Hussaini service.

Warith Al-Anbiyaa University Academic Procession in Conjunction with Arbaeen Visit

As part of its commitment to serving the visitors of the Arbaeen pilgrimage to Imam Hussain (peace be upon him), Warith Al-Anbiyaa University is participating in the academic procession. The activities of this procession focus on education, awareness, and guidance. The university's administration invites all faculty and staff members to participate in this procession, each contributing according to their expertise to provide "research, scientific, and advisory" services, covering all aspects of the Arbaeen visit, including administrative, social, and behavioral aspects. Your contributions are seen as a valuable service in the eyes of Allah, His Messenger, and the noble family of the Prophet. May Allah accept your efforts.

Warith Al-Anbiyaa University Hosts Technology Workshop for Orphaned Children

As part of its community outreach initiatives and with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (peace be upon him) hosted a workshop for orphaned children. The workshop focused on educating the children about technology, artificial intelligence, and computers, providing them with valuable insights into these subjects. This initiative reflects the university's commitment to contributing to the education and development of the broader community.

Warith Al-Anbiyaa University Prepares Iftar Gathering for the Holy Month

In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (peace be upon him) organized a Ramadan Iftar (breaking fast) gathering. The event was attended by faculty members and students from the College of Administration and Economics. Accompanied by images, the occasion served as a communal and festive Iftar, fostering a sense of unity and spirituality among the university community.  

Warith Al-Anbiyaa University Presidency Launches Food Basket Distribution Initiative

In alignment with the initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to provide humanitarian services during the blessed month of Ramadan, the presidency of Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (peace be upon him) has launched the "Food Basket Distribution" initiative to support needy families throughout the holy month. Accompanied by images, the initiative aims to contribute to the broader national effort in delivering essential services during Ramadan.

Field Tour by the Student Activities Department to Highlight the Importance of Volunteer Work

In an effort to foster a culture of volunteerism among university students, the Student Activities Department, in collaboration with the Giving Students Team at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (peace be upon him), organized a field tour within the corridors of the university's colleges and departments. The aim was to enhance students' volunteer spirit, invite them to join the Giving Al-Warith Team, and introduce them to the Ramadan Basket Project, an annual initiative supported by the university's administration and esteemed faculty members.  

A Charity Bazaar in Support of Needy Families and Orphans" at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University

As part of the "Blessings of Muhammadan Lights" initiative launched by the Health and Higher Education Authority on the occasion of the blessed Sha'ban births, the Engineering College at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (peace be upon him), in collaboration with the Student Activities Department and the Affairs Department of the University, organized a "Charity Bazaar" to support needy families and orphans at the Al-Ain Charitable Foundation. Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hayawi, the President of the University, stated in his address to the audience: "In addition to its academic role, the university has an essential role in serving the community and organizing humanitarian activities to raise awareness among our dear students about the importance of humanitarian and volunteer work."

Nursing Faculty Professors and Students Visit the Elderly Care Home

As part of community service activities, a group of professors and students from the Nursing Faculty visited an elderly care home in Karbala. The purpose of this visit was to provide psychological support, care, understand the needs of the residents, and offer gifts to both the elderly residents and the caregivers at the facility.

The 'Rahma Team, including female members,' continues to provide its services

The 'Rahma Team, including female members,' consisting of 60 students and volunteers from various colleges and departments of the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (Peace be upon them), sponsored by the Continuous Education Center, continues to provide humanitarian services and first aid to the honorable female visitors beyond the visitation period of the Arbaeen pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him).

With pictures: Warith University provides health services to the visitors

The University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (Peace be upon them), in collaboration with the medical teams of the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Red Crescent, is providing a package of medical and health services. A group of students from the College of Medicine and Nursing at the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (Peace be upon them) has delivered health and medical services in collaboration with the Imam Zain al-Abidin Hospital (Peace be upon him). This is part of the health and service processions provided by the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa, supported by all its capabilities, for the visitors of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) during the Arbaeen pilgrimage

A voluntary medical detachment consisting of students from the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa.

As part of the volunteer activities sponsored by the Student Activities Department, a group of students from various colleges and departments of the university contributed to serving the visitors of the Arbaeen pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him). They provided medical services and first aid under the supervision of faculty members and in collaboration with the charitable medical foundation, Amal Al-Ataa

"Warith is preparing to organize service and health activities for the Arbaeen pilgrimage."

The technical teams continue their preparations and arrangements in collaboration with processions and various institutions to organize a series of service and health activities near the university. This includes setting up tents, caravans, and mobile health complexes at the university gate. Additionally, they are organizing and maintaining areas to serve the honored visitors during the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

"The Rahma Team, including female members, provides its services to honorable female visitors."

More than 60 female students and volunteers have joined the volunteer women's team at the Continuous Education Center at the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (Peace be upon him) to serve the esteemed female visitors. The volunteers from the University of Warith provide first aid services 24 hours a day within the sacred Hussein Shrine. It is worth noting that the Continuous Education Center has offered multiple training courses for the volunteers on first aid and service to female visitors during the visitation period of the Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) Arbaeen pilgrimage.