Admission Office and Student Affairs

This university department is responsible for providing scientific assistance to students, and it reports to the university president. The department's main focus is to oversee all aspects of student affairs, from the admission process to registration, ensuring that students are accepted based on approved guidelines and instructions. The department also ensures that students graduate and receive certified documents from the university and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  1. 1. Department of Registration and Admissions
  2. 2. Department of Graduates and Documentation
  3. 3. Department of Documents and Certificates
  4. 4. Department of Student Affairs Follow-up

Vision of the Department:

The Registration and Student Affairs Management department aims to assist students in accordance with regulations and ministerial guidelines, simplify procedures related to student affairs, and transform them from traditional methods to modern technological means. The department strives to ensure the ease of admission and registration in colleges, aiming for excellence, continuous development, and ensuring the quality of performance.

Objectives of the Department:

The department is responsible for developing student services and encouraging students to invest their time in achieving outcomes with a nationalistic sense. This is achieved by enhancing areas of vocational and educational training to serve the community.

  1. The department aims to provide university seats for students who meet admission requirements.
  2. The department ensures the reception of the best students from preparatory school graduates to take the university to top ranks or levels among universities.
  3. The department encourages students to contribute their ideas and proposals related to student life issues and benefit from what they have learned for the betterment of society.
  4. The department strengthens the ties between university students and the community, enhances the sense of responsibility, and confirms allegiance to the country.
  5. The department contributes to the care of outstanding and talented students.