Empowering Faculty through a Three-Day Workshop on Scientific Research Skills

The Continuous Education Center at the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa recently organized an enlightening workshop as part of its ongoing faculty development program. The workshop, titled "Enhancing Scientific Research Skills," spanned three intensive days and featured both theoretical and hands-on sessions. Distinguished experts facilitated the workshop, including:

  • Professor Dr. Hakam Samaawi Sultan Al-Jubouri
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Shaimaa Hussein
  • Assistant Lecturer Ihab Omar

The workshop delved into various aspects of scientific research, commencing with the fundamentals of academic research writing and an exploration of research types. Attendees also gained insights into reputable scholarly journals, understanding their impact factors, Scopus and Clarivate levels. The workshop was uniquely designed to combine theory and interactive applications.

Moreover, the speakers shed light on calculating the impact factors of journals, catering to researchers and journal publishers alike. They further discussed international standards for journal classification. Participants had the opportunity to grasp essential knowledge about effective correspondence with journals. This included direct communication, responding to reviewer comments, and managing journal submissions. The workshop received rave reviews from the participants who praised the expertise of the speakers and the relevance of the information shared.

This workshop proved to be an exceptional opportunity for faculty members to stay updated on modern approaches to scientific research writing, publishing in prestigious journals, and indexing research in global repositories. It underscores the commitment of the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa to empower its faculty with the latest tools and techniques in the field of academic research.