Memorandum of Understanding Between Warith Al-Anbiyaa University and Amir Kabir University in Iran

A delegation from the College of Engineering at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University signed a memorandum of understanding with Amir Kabir University in Iran. The delegation, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Raouf Mohammed Radi and including the Heads of the Petroleum and Gas Engineering Department and specialists from the Al-Sabt Specialized Center.
The memorandum covered 13 important points for both parties, focusing on academic education, scientific research, and postgraduate studies, as well as the exchange of professors for supervision and teaching to benefit both universities.
Amir Kabir University, ranked globally by Shanghai Ranking, is recognized as one of the top Iranian universities in engineering. This memorandum aims to enhance academic and scientific collaboration, exchanging expertise and knowledge in engineering and related fields.

The Department of Oil and Gas Engineering participates in the first conference on oil and gas in the Arab world and its future prospects

The Department of Oil and Gas Engineering from Warith al-Anbiya University (peace be upon him) actively took part in the inaugural conference on oil and gas in the Arab world and its future outlook. Led by Dr. Deyaa Khafif Khashan, the Head of the Department, and accompanied by several faculty members, a delegation from the College of Engineering represented the university at "The First Conference on Oil and Gas in the Arab World and Its Future Prospects." This conference was organized jointly by the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate and the Arab Engineers Union.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives has invited professors from the College of Engineering to contribute their scientific expertise.

"For their scientific expertise," the Iraqi Council of Representatives has sought the assistance of professors from the College of Engineering to contribute to the effective implementation of renewable energy systems in investment and government projects, as well as solar energy systems for residential use. During a session hosted by the Parliamentary Energy Committee, Assistant Professor Dr. Hassan Talib, Head of the Biomedical Engineering Department, and Dr. Hassan Ahmed Ibrahim provided valuable insights on a legislative proposal under review by the House of Representatives. They highlighted areas requiring amendment to better serve the public interest. Specifically, the Parliamentary Energy Committee emphasized the importance of adopting a feed-in tariff system over the proposed net metering system.

Among a group of distinguished researchers, the “Minister of Higher Education” honors the distinguished researcher and teacher, Dr. Ali Bassem

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research presented a “letter of thanks and appreciation” to distinguished researchers for their valuable efforts and tireless efforts to publish scientific research on the Web of Sciences website within research that has an impact factor higher than (5), including the head of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Engineering Department at the University of Heir to the Prophets (peace be upon him), teacher Dr. Ali Bassem.This honor came in appreciation of these efforts and expressed his thanks and gratitude for this scientific achievement, hoping for more scientific progress that would contribute to raising the country’s name in international scientific forums.

To implement the “Bologna Path,” a delegation from the University of Heir al-Anbiya (peace be upon him) visits the Technical College of Engineering

In order to enhance scientific cooperation between the College of Engineering at the University of Warith al-Anbiya (peace be upon him) and the Technical College of Engineering in the capital, Baghdad, a delegation of teachers from the Department of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Engineering visited the Technical College of Engineering, to discuss cooperation in all scientific and research fields. The meeting focused on the importance of applying the “Path "Bologna", which works to improve and revitalize the higher education system and determine appropriate plans for cooperation in this field, focusing on the importance of placing the student at the heart of the educational story, through which he takes the main role in contributing to scientific developments.

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A training course for university students and College of Engineering staff entitled (Virtual Reality Device_VIRTUAL REALITY) held by the Continuing Education Center in cooperation with the College of Engineering/Department of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technologies, presented by Eng. Ammar Muhammad Ali and Engineer Mustafa Jaafar Abdel Amir.

“To follow up on the ongoing preparations for the next academic year,” a field tour by the head of the founding body

The Administrative Assistant, Professor Dr. Nofal Al-Araji, accompanied by Dr. Ali Bassem, Head of the Department of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology Engineering, inspected the workshops and laboratories of the College of Engineering, where he was briefed on the new equipment and the college’s latest preparations for the new academic year. Professor Dr. Nofal Al-Araji said that the additional training programs that have been introduced in the College Engineering will contribute to raising the level of students in order to acquire the applied skills required in the labor market.