Department Structure

The structure and Services of the center

  Services offered by the Center of Continuous Education at the University of Warith Alanbiyaa:





                Community Activities

Training Unit

The Training Unit offers scientific and technical programs and specialized programs for the public and private sectors, professional and technical authorities. It has the necessary ability and expertise to conduct specialized courses and programs according to the needs of individuals and institutions, and in classrooms, and workshops, equipped with the latest equipment such as smart and interactive whiteboards, computer equipped laboratories and specialized programs.  The unit conducts training courses in human resources management, quality management, strategic planning, financial accounting and auditing. In addition to courses in various disciplines such as engineering, medical and legal associated with human Rights, Women and Children, and the Personal Status Law. This unit offers English language training courses and prepares individuals for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test Of English as a foreign Language (TOEFL) as well as other languages. Where the Unit has implemented many programs and specialized courses for various entities and approved by the University of Warith Alanbiyaa and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Development Unit

This unit aims to develop individuals, academic and social programs in addition to provide legal and engineering consultations and career development that helps employees to develop their skills and abilities and bridge the gap between their abilities and job requirements. The unit also holds a series of seminars, workshops and awareness lectures for students and society in general, which aims to develop and equip them with science and knowledge.