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"Warith Medical Bootcamp"
Documentary of Warith Al-anbiyaa University
(British ASIC Institutional Accreditation): Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (peace be upon him) is a globally recognized university

Digital Services


Employment Management Programme

This programme links graduates and students to a variety of jobs offered on various aspects


Email Service

This is a means for quick and effective communication online, allowing users to send and receive emails easily and securely



This platform provides a flexible and accessible online learning environment to facilitate learning and encourage active student participation


Alumni Programme

This section provides information on past academic years university graduates and is a representation of the data listed on the alumni window


Warith Scientific Platform

This platform presents a comprehensive array of programmes to assist academics and researchers in managing their research papers


Certificate Issuance Program

This tool enables institutions to create and manage official certificates automatically

Electronic student services


Bologna Process

This system reflects a forward-thinking approach to higher education, emphasising the improvement of university education's quality, inclusivity, and diversity while fostering communication between academic institutions and the surrounding community


Warith Al-Anbiyaa App

Users may easily and effectively access study materials, timetables, and necessary notifications with this multi-service digital application, which is available on both the Android and iOS platforms


Weekly Planner

This weekly planner helps to efficiently manage time and resources throughout the week by providing distinct times for different lessons and activities


Student Handbook

This is a reference source providing basic and necessary information for students regarding admission regulations in universities and colleges


Monthly Timetable

This well-planned system for assigning examinations to students on a monthly basis attempts to streamline the testing procedure


Finals Timetable

This is a well-planned system for assigning final examinations to students, with the goal of efficiently optimising the examining procedure