University Establishment      

In pursuit to create a scientific academic entity recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research aims to prepare qualified and specialized staff in all different fields of knowledge. To meet the needs of society and the requirements of sustainable development, social responsibility, interaction with society and the sincere desire to provide society with competencies characterized by scientific and moral transcendence that provide distinguished scientific and research services, away from any material or commercial considerations. Al-Husseiniya Holy Shrine sought through its university education committee to build  Warith Al-anbiyaa University and on an area of forty-eight acres with the participation of the Strategic Projects Department, where the university buildings were constructed north of the Old City on the road linking the holy Karbala City and the capital Baghdad, for a short period not exceeding (5) months.

The official opening of the university with its four faculties (Administration and Economics, Engineering, Law, and Nursing) was announced on September 19th 2017 with a large celebration ceremony at the university headquarters with the blessing and support of the legitimate leadership of Al-Husseiniya Holy Shrine Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai ( God blessed and guided him ) and in the presence of the Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Issa and the Secretary-General of Al-Husseiniya Holy Shrine Mr. Jaafar Al-Musawi as well as some members of the local government of Karbala and a number of religious, academic, cultural and media figures and the rest of the contributors to the completion of this great edifice. Subsequently, the University Presidency planted the seeds of ambition and expected excellence on that day when it received official ministerial approval for the founding of the Biomedicine Faculty for the academic year 2020–2021 with the full backing of Al-Husseiniya Holy Shrine. In order to distinguish this educational facility from others, Al-Husseiniya Holy Shrine, the University Presidency, and all those in charge of this scientific edifice have spared no effort. This includes unique and high-quality teaching methods as well as the kind of services offered to scientific staff and students within the university. To support all initiatives aimed at giving the greatest benefits and services to both sides of the equation within the university.