students affairs

One of the university departments and is related to the scientific assistance which in turn is related to the president of the university. The work of the department focuses on following up all the students' affairs, from acceptance at the college through the registration stage, ensuring the student acceptance based on the approved instructions and guidelines, until the students graduation and obtaining a certified document from the university and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Department of Registration and Student Affairs consists of three divisions:
- Student Affairs Follow-up Division.
- Documents Audit Division.
- Registration and Admission Division.
-  Archives.
Department Vision
The Department of Registration and Students Affairs seeks to achieve all that will help students and address their cases in accordance with the ministerial regulations and guidelines, simplify the procedures for students' affairs and transfer them radically from traditional means to modern technical means to ensure the procedures of admission and registration in our colleges easily to achieve excellence, develop work and ensure the quality of performance.
Department Objectives
The department finds that the responsibility lies in the development of student services and encourage them to invest their time to achieve outputs with a national sense by strengthening the areas of vocational and educational training to serve the society.
1 - Work to provide a seat at the university for students who meet the admission conditions.
2 – Ensuring receive the  best students, who graduates form  the preparatory school, to the university so that the University would take the grades or the first levels between the universities.
3 - Encouraging students to contribute their ideas and suggestions related to the issues of student life and benefit from what they learned for the benefit of society.
4 - To strengthen the bonds between the university student and the community, strengthen the sense of responsibility and confirmation of belonging to the homeland.
5 – Contribution to take care of outstanding and talented students.