Student’s Accommodation Affairs

At Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (Peace Be Upon Him), there are several internal departments available to students. These departments aim to create a suitable environment for students from various provinces, minimizing the challenges they may face. The university provides comfortable and secure accommodations with all necessary amenities for a pleasant living experience. Additionally, comprehensive academic and social support is available for female students, including teams of lecturers and counselors to offer guidance and assistance.

The university's focus is on utilizing available resources, caring for students' activities in all fields, instilling a culture of beneficial knowledge, and serving the progress and advancement of society. To keep pace with global developments, the university creates a conducive study atmosphere, provides all necessary means to enhance students' capabilities, and reflects our values and traditions.

  1. Legal and Administrative Affairs Department
  2. Student Housing Department
  3. Social Research Department
  4. Maintenance and Services Department
  5. Accounts, Stores, and Supplies Department