Support Programs for Persons with Special Needs

Welcome to the Office of Support for Persons with Disabilities at the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa.

In our office, we take pride in providing comprehensive support and empowerment to every student and staff member with special needs, enabling them to thrive in all aspects of university life. Our mission is to create an inclusive and accessible university campus where every individual in our community can fulfill their aspirations.


For our students with special needs:

    Accessible Campus Design

We have carefully designed our university campus to make navigation easy. Ramps and elevators have been strategically placed to ensure their easy and independent movement.


    Enhanced Classroom Experience

Students benefit from a world of knowledge through the use of advanced assistive technologies. This allows them to actively participate in lectures, discussions, and projects with support from innovative devices.


    Custom Academic Support


Your success is our priority. Our dedicated team of professors, mentors, and advisors is here to provide specialized guidance, nurture your talents, and help you achieve your academic goals.


    Equal Opportunities for All

We work in collaboration with various university departments to ensure equal opportunities for all. Whether through extracurricular activities or leadership roles, we promote representation for everyone in the university community.


    Awareness and Advocacy

We also work as passionate advocates for the rights and needs of students with disabilities, raising awareness throughout the community and promoting a culture of understanding and respect.


For our dedicated staff with special needs:

    Inclusive Work Culture

As an integral part of our university, we believe in a common work culture that respects diversity and values each individual's contributions, fostering an environment that allows everyone to excel professional


    Outstanding Work Environment

We have thoughtfully provided comfortable work resources and stations, enabling you to perform at your best. The advanced technology available supports your productivity.


    Comprehensive Training Programs

We offer workshops to increase understanding and sensitivity to the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and promote empathy throughout the campus.


    Personalized Facilities

We understand that the needs of each individual are unique, so we offer customized facilities and individual support. We are committed to empowering and supporting all members of our community with enthusiasm, as we believe that diversity brings strength and innovation.

We invite you to be part of this exceptional journey, where every voice is heard, and every unique perspective is celebrated.

Together, we will build a world without boundaries, where every person can grow and thrive at the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa.


Request assistance today, and let us walk hand in hand towards a limitless future where everyone can shine.