Vision, Mission and Objectives


The Center for Continuous Education at the University of Warith Alanbiyaa provides effective and influential training programs, seminars and workshops for all sectors of society. It keeps abreast of the continuous development in all educational, professional and scientific fields. Also, it provides local and international consultations and examinations for all governmental and private institutions, and for all individuals, through volunteer and cooperative learning, providing qualified and professional trainers in all disciplines and the presence of distinguished staff. The Center is empowered to provide various and effective training opportunities in the community, thus enhancing the active role of the University and making it an important scientific resource in the process of bridging the gap between the different institutions, sectors, the university and the  society members.


Excellence and teamwork in providing learning and education with high quality and long term benefits.

Strategic Objectives of the Center

·Strengthen and promote integration into society through the establishment of various strategic partnerships with governmental and private authorities.

·Qualifying and empowering the members of community through training courses and tests recognized locally and internationally.

·Raise the scientific, academic and professional level for all staff of the University of Warith Alanbiyaa.

We always strive to shift from routine to accomplishment