• 69.5%
  • Minimum Exception Rate
  • 280
  • The Number of Current Students
  • 4 Years
  • Academic Education

  • dr. murtadha kanim adea

Speech Of Dean

Peace be upon you, and may the mercy and blessings of God be upon you,

Since the establishment of the College of Nursing at the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa (peace be upon him) in 2017, it has shouldered a significant responsibility towards community health. The college aims to build and prepare highly competent nursing staff through its academic and training programs for students. It aims to acquire necessary skills and knowledge based on solid scientific foundations in the field of nursing sciences, to prepare a generation of university-level male and female nurses capable of contributing to the advancement of the nursing profession in healthcare institutions and providing high-quality services through university-level education methodology.

The college has derived its comprehensive plans from the strategic goals set by the university. The college aspires to be one of the leading nursing colleges nationally and regionally, in the development of nursing sciences and scientific research, as well as contributing to community service through the application of the scientific curriculum and providing an exemplary educational environment that contributes to the development of the nursing profession.

The college directs a significant portion of its attention and focus towards the importance of conducting sound applied scientific research by its teaching staff, and dedicates the results of these research endeavors towards meeting the community's needs and addressing its problems on a prioritized basis for all categories, thus achieving sustainable development.

Dr. Mortada Al-Jubouri

Dean of the College of Nursing



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