Academic Specializations

The College of Medicine at our university is considered one of the leading colleges in the field of healthcare and medical research. It is dedicated to scientific excellence and advanced medical education. The college offers comprehensive medical study programs that blend fundamental and clinical sciences, with a focus on outstanding education and scientific research. Professors and students engage in advanced research projects and utilize the Medical Competence Center to assess and develop their clinical skills. The college provides modern medical equipment and technologies to students, and promotes ethical values and ethics-based healthcare. Graduates of the college have wide-ranging opportunities to practice medicine in a variety of specialties and healthcare settings.

The College of Nursing at the University of Wraith (peace be upon him) offers outstanding nursing study programs that combine theoretical teaching with practical training, including clinical nursing in hospitals, government health units, and medical institutions affiliated with the Holy Shrine, encompassing various types to develop care skills. The focus is on ethical-based nursing and personal patient care. The college encourages research and innovation in the field of healthcare delivery. Graduates are given the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare environments.

The College of Engineering is a distinguished academic institution dedicated to providing specialized and scientific university education in the field of engineering. The college adopts a comprehensive educational approach aimed at equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and apply the principles and techniques of engineering

The college comprises several departments that reflect the diversity and specialization within the field of engineering, including:

Civil Engineering Department: This department focuses on the design and construction of infrastructure for cities and communities. This includes specialization in designing major structures such as bridges, buildings, sewage systems, and water resources.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Department: This department is responsible for the development and maintenance of HVAC systems in buildings and industries, with the aim of achieving thermal comfort, humidity control, and energy efficiency.

Biomedical Engineering Department: Specializing in the field of medical engineering, this department enables graduates to design and develop devices and technologies used in healthcare.


In addition to the aforementioned departments, new departments have been added:

Aviation Department: This department focuses on educating and researching the field of aerospace engineering, including aircraft design and air traffic control systems.

Petroleum Department: Dealing with the technology of the oil and gas industry, including resource extraction, refining, and transportation, this department seeks to train students in this vital field.

The College of Engineering offers students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the improvement and development of various engineering fields. The education provided in this college aims to meet the needs of the industry and society by graduating qualified engineers capable of applying engineering concepts in practical work and scientific research.


The College of Science at our university is a modern educational institution founded this year to meet the students' needs and enhance education and research in various fields of science. This college includes two main departments: the Department of Medical Physics and the Department of Information Technology Sciences:

Department of Medical Physics: The Department of Medical Physics at our College of Science offers distinguished educational programs that combine physics and medicine. The department focuses on teaching students how to apply the principles of physics in healthcare, such as radiography and radiation therapy. It stands out for providing practical training opportunities in advanced hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Department of Information Technology Sciences: This department aims to equip students with the necessary skills to understand and apply technology in a variety of fields. Students are taught computer programming, network design, and technology applications in information management. The department provides opportunities for practical training and participation in innovative technology projects.

This modern college aims to provide advanced education and research opportunities in the fields of medical physics and information technology, giving students a strong foundation for a successful future in these areas.


The College of Law is a prestigious educational institution specializing in the study and development of public law and related legal systems. Public law is a fundamental field that focuses on the laws and regulations that impact society at large, such as constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, and public international law.

Public Law Department: The Public Law Department serves as the cornerstone in shaping and specializing students in the realm of public law. The department's curriculum includes in-depth study and analysis of general laws and regulations. It aims to provide students with the tools necessary to understand the law comprehensively, including constitutional laws that define the legal framework of government and institutions, and administrative laws that regulate the relationship between the government and citizens.

The Public Law Department seeks to develop students' legal thinking and analysis skills while enhancing their understanding of the legal impact on justice and society. The college encourages legal research and participation in contemporary legal discussions. Students are provided with opportunities to engage in research programs and practical legal activities, enabling them to apply legal theories in practical settings and contribute to the pursuit of justice and the development of the legal system 

A modern educational institution established this year, 2023-2024, to meet the growing needs of students interested in the fields of media and public relations. The college offers distinguished educational programs that include two main departments:

Department of Digital Media: This department is a vital part of the College of Media at the University of Wraith. It focuses on studying and understanding the digital aspects of media and social communication. It provides students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills required to work in the field of digital media and digital marketing. The areas of study in this department include social media, digital marketing, digital production, and information security.

Department of Public Relations: This department is a fundamental part of the College of Media, specializing in understanding and developing effective communication and interaction skills with the public and the community. The department aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for building and enhancing positive relationships with clients, partners, the local community, and the global community. Areas of study in this department include public relations strategies, crisis management, internal and external communication, and media campaign planning. Students in this department learn how to organize events and seminars, prepare media materials, and effectively manage social media. The department aims to empower students to understand the significant importance of public relations in various sectors and to promote professionalism in public relations and media production.

This modern college aims to provide an educational environment that encourages creativity and empowers students to understand the modern tools and techniques used in the field of media and public relations. The college seeks to equip students with the necessary skills to achieve professional success in these fields and contribute to the enhancement of public relations and media production.

The College of Administration and Economics is a pioneering institution in the field of academic university education. It is dedicated to providing an excellent educational environment designed to develop students and equip them with the essential knowledge and skills in the realms of management and economics. The college adopts a distinguished educational methodology that encompasses teaching both theoretical principles and practical applications, enabling students to comprehend contemporary challenges in the fields of business and economics.

The college houses several specialized departments, including:

Business Management Department: This department allows students to grasp the fundamentals of management, strategic planning, marketing, and human resource management. The department aims to train students to become leaders in the business world and successful entrepreneurs.

Accounting Department: This department focuses on teaching accounting principles and preparing students for a career in accounting. The curriculum covers topics such as financial statement analysis and corporate taxation.

In addition to these core departments, the college has expanded its scope by introducing new departments:

Project Management Department: This department deals with a diverse range of topics related to project management and effective execution. It emphasizes the development of project management skills, planning, and ensuring successful project implementation.

Oil Economics Department: This department focuses on the study of the economics of the oil and gas industry, including economic analysis of the petroleum sector and its impact on local and global economies. It aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the petroleum sector.

The College of Administration and Economics aims to equip students with the necessary skills for success in the fields of business and economics. It encourages critical thinking and innovation among students and applies academic knowledge through updated educational programs, providing students with a rich learning experience that empowers them to contribute to the development of contemporary economics and management.


The College of Islamic Sciences is a specialized educational institution committed to providing high-quality education in the field of Islamic sciences. This college represents a prominent center for the development of scholarly understanding of Islam and the interpretation of the Quran, with a focus on the principles of jurisprudence and Quranic studies.

Department of Jurisprudence Principles (Usul al-Fiqh): This department focuses on the study of jurisprudential principles and methodologies that contribute to the derivation of legal rules and religious judgments. The department aims to empower students to understand the rules and principles that govern Islamic jurisprudence and apply them correctly and appropriately in contemporary contexts.

Department of Quranic Sciences: This department is one of the most important departments within the College of Islamic Sciences. It concentrates on the scientific and profound study of the Quran, emphasizing textual analysis, interpretation, and recitation (Tajweed). The department aims to enable students to gain a deeper understanding of the Quran and apply their knowledge in their studies and scientific research.

Department of Financial and Banking Sciences: A constituent division of the Islamic Sciences College, this department is dedicated to the comprehensive study and comprehension of financial aspects and banking principles. Its mission is to provide students with the essential knowledge and competencies required for comprehending financial markets, managing investment portfolios, and overseeing financial and banking institutions effectively.