About College

Overview of the College:

The College of Engineering at our university is a vital center for learning and research in various engineering fields, providing an advanced learning environment that combines theory and application. With the introduction of new departments for the academic year 2023-2024, the college offers broader opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and skills in advanced fields.

The college is committed to providing distinguished education that responds to future challenges. The new departments aim to broaden students' horizons and empower them to gain profound experience in vital engineering areas. Students are encouraged to engage in research and innovation to achieve sustainability and progress in engineering sciences.

College Departments:

*Civil Engineering Department:

The Civil Engineering department is a central hub for developing the engineering expertise needed for designing and managing the infrastructure of civil projects. The department includes a range of academic programs covering comprehensive civil engineering fields and concepts.

*Biomedical Engineering Department:

The Biomedical Engineering department at our university is an advanced field that integrates engineering concepts with life sciences to develop and improve technology used in medical and health fields. The department addresses a variety of topics focusing on the application of engineering in understanding and enhancing biological processes and providing solutions to modern medical challenges.

*Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering Department:

The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering department at our university is a vital center for education, research, and development of advanced technologies in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The department aims to train students to understand and apply the principles of refrigeration and air conditioning in various industries and applications.

Newly Established Departments for the Academic Year 2023-2024:

*Aircraft Engineering Department:

The Aircraft Engineering department, newly established this year at our university, serves as a specialized center for training students in understanding and applying the principles of aviation engineering and the design and maintenance of aircraft. The department enables

students to acquire the technical and scientific skills necessary to work in the advanced aviation industry.

*Petroleum and Gas Engineering Department:

The Petroleum and Gas Engineering department is a vital new department that focuses on training students to understand and apply advanced technologies in the extraction, production, and processing of natural resources for the oil and gas industry.