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Speech Of Dean

University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa, a Beacon of Knowledge

University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa stands as a towering beacon of knowledge, drawing its inspiration from the principles of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him). These principles have left a profound impact on our hearts, and preserving them requires the embodiment of ethical and academic values in every aspect of life.

Life is continuous, and its evolution is fundamentally linked to knowledge. Effective knowledge can only be attained through the advancement of universities as a whole. The national model for outstanding scientific development is exemplified by the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa, with its esteemed colleges. Among them, the College of Law serves as the scholarly and legal front, in conjunction with other law colleges across the country. Since its establishment, the College has progressed by utilizing advanced educational and training programs, as well as cutting-edge scientific curricula. This progress is also due to the distinguished teaching staff composed of specialized professors with a wealth of experience in the field of law.

Dear students, I am always filled with happiness when I address you with my words, for you are the treasure of our beloved nation, responsible for building its prosperous future, God willing. Belonging to the College of Law at the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa represents the legal beacon that guides the way to justice. This affiliation places significant responsibilities on your shoulders. Graduates of the College of Law are known for their high stature and lofty aspirations. You are an integral part of building and advancing this great nation. The future is brighter with you, and may God keep our dialogue ongoing as your college's contribution never ceases. My best wishes to you for further progress and advancement.

Dr. Ali Sahib Jasim Al-Sharifi

Dean of the College of Law



College of Law


The law is alive…. Leading the way. We are as committed to what the law means for an individual or business as we are to what it means for a nation. We empower future jurists with the tools to do anything and the spirit to do the right thing.


 At Warith Al-anbiyaa University College of Law, we are passionate about the law’s historical, theoretical and constitutional foundations. And we are as committed about what the law means for an individual or a corporation as we are for a nation. For more than 5 years Law graduates have learned how to apply their knowledge to enhance quality of life, no matter the location, whether an individual is starting a new business or in need for expert legal advocacy. Warith Al-anbiyaa College of Law proudly calls Holy Karbala city as the home for every passionate for learning and development. Every day our students and faculty participate in  improving and developing of this great Holy city. At a time of transformative growth, there’s never been more momentum on campus and the city. The graduates Law School obtains a bachelor's degree in law that qualifies them to be lawyers with high experience in understanding the legal text and defending their clients according to the sound legal vision as the students are qualified to enter the judicial institute if other requirements are met to be a judge or prosecutor. In addition, the students receive theoretical lessons in scientific research that enable them to be researchers to make them qualify enough to obtain a master's degree or doctorate in the future.

College of Law adopts a theoretical and applied studies of the curricula prepared by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, taking into consideration the comparative legislation of Arab and foreign countries and Islamic jurisprudence (Faqah) for a period of (4) academic years, to graduate a legal lawyer with diverse sciences and a high capacity in scientific research that qualify them to occupy multiple job positions.  The College of Law was established in 2017 and specializes in the study of legal sciences in two departments of public and private law. For more information, contact the college at the following e-mail: -




The Law College at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University aspires to be an eminent scientific edifice, and to occupy a prominent position in providing higher education and distinguished scientific research in the legal field, in order to upgrade the college to the ranks of well-known colleges, internationally, regional and nationwide.


Preparing qualified and trained graduates who possess legal mental abilities and professional research skills to advance legal tasks, and provide governmental and non-governmental institutions with them, also provide research and advisory services that meet the current and future needs of society while enhancing academic ethics.

Objectives :

Preparing legal graduates to provide the public occupation in the administrative apparatus of the government, and preparing lawyers to achieve justice within society.

  1. Spreading legal culture, through scientific conferences and seminars, publishing research, articles and writing books.
  2. Encouraging a scientific research, providing facilities, and creating the appropriate atmosphere to push researchers to accomplish research.
  3. Building the student's distinguished personality in science, mental and manner with a polite leading style and arming him/her with the skills of the creative profession.
  4. Providing the existing authorities in the government (legislative, executive, judicial) with the necessary suggestions for their work, such as draft laws and preparing legal studies.
  5. Providing consultations in legal matters for individuals, civil committees or administrative and political organizations and making the college a scientific center for spreading the culture law.  
  6. Paying attention to Islamic jurisprudence and spreading the opinions of scholars in all fields.