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Bachelor 4 Years Building No. 1 Ground floor +9647734938062

Application requirements
The student applying to the College of Law must be a graduate of one of the branches
(Biological - Scientific - Applied - Literary) with the required documents, which are- 
 6 photos, white background- 
Confirmation of grades- 
-Medical examination-
-A guarantor with support for continuity of service, with a fixed amount of salary- 

 The student creates his own account within the system using his active phone number and choosing a password so that he can later enter the central admission system for private education.

 The student activates notification services, electronic reservation, and communication via SMS, so that he can use these services during the application, data matching, and registration phase.

The student fills out his data by starting by choosing the graduation destination and then following the system’s instructions during the process of filling out the data and according to the requirements of each subject of the student category.

 The system provides a special interface for electronic reservations to manage reservations for review by the Department of Private University Education or the audit centers in private universities and colleges, according to the requirements of each category of students.

 The process of matching data is electronic for students who are graduates of the Ministry of Education and who have the examination number and password, and the student does not need to visit the audit centers in private universities and colleges.

 For all other categories of students who do not have exam numbers or secret numbers, or who do not have secret numbers only, the data matching process is done through booking an electronic appointment to review the audit centers in private universities and colleges.

 If the student needs to visit the Department of Private Education, this can be done by booking an appointment online and choosing the reason for the review.

 After matching the data, the student can begin the application process by filling out electronic forms with (4) options within the general application channel, in addition to two forms for those included in the application within the private channels.

 The included students who wish to apply within the Al-Shuhada Channel must submit the activation form for this channel, which is located within the private channels window in the system, and then review the Al-Shuhada Foundation to authenticate the form and complete the activation of the channel electronically (the student must monitor his account daily to ensure: the status of
In the event of a defect in the student’s data, the student must book an electronic appointment with the Department of Private University Education for re-verification.
Included students wishing to activate other private channels must request activation of the channels through the private channels window within the system and book an electronic appointment with the audit centers at universities and private colleges, bringing with them the documents for the channel to activate, so that they can begin applying within these channels.
 The student can cancel his forms during the application stage (withdrawal during application) through the application window within the system, with a maximum of (4) attempts.

 The system conducts the comparison process in a dynamic and real-time manner, where students’ acceptances appear according to their choices in the application forms, and the results are constantly updated throughout the application and registration stage.

The registration stage begins after the end of the application stage, where the student takes the (registration code) and goes to one of the departments in which he was accepted to complete the registration process. 15

 After the student completes the registration process in one of the departments in which he was accepted, his admission options will be cancelled, to provide the opportunity for the rest of the students according to the results of the placement process.