• 50%
  • Minimum Exception Rate
  • 901
  • The Number of Current Students
  • 4 Years
  • Academic Education

  • Awad Kadem Shaalan Abbas

Speech Of Dean

Our college's mission arises from the vision of the university, which focuses on blending the practices of learning, development, and scientific research with Islamic values and the message of the Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them), as well as ethical principles of work. This mission aims to cultivate a scholarly generation of graduates capable of contributing to society's advancement, facing challenges, and achieving developmental goals with high professionalism. Our college's educational and research activities center around administrative and economic sciences, which play a crucial role in various aspects of life, particularly in countries like our beloved Iraq that aspire to development and change.

The College of Management and Economics prepares graduates for positions in administrative and accounting fields by developing and supporting academic programs that align with contemporary workplace challenges. We are also dedicated to creating and providing rich learning environments for our esteemed students and faculty members that encourage learning, teaching, and uphold rigorous research standards.

Our college's objectives extend beyond scientific development to include the enhancement and support of fundamental infrastructure, cultural development, and a team spirit that facilitates career advancement and job satisfaction, creating opportunities for a better life for our students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, the College of Management and Economics serves the community and government and non-governmental institutions by expanding fundamental scientific knowledge and developing specialized personnel.

Prof. Dr. Awad Shaalan Al-Khaldi

Dean of the College of Management and Economics


College of Administration and Economics

 Administration and Economics College considered to be as one of the colleges of Warith Al-Anbiyaa University in its two departments (Management and Accounting - Business Administration), which is concerned with graduating distinguished scientific students whom are qualified enough to engage in all fields of institutional work.



High-quality education, authentic and reliable scientific research with noble Islamic values, and the graduation of distinguished scientific students capable of working in all fields of profession. 

Mission: -

Upgrading the College to the level of faculties of administration and economics in international universities and the competition is in: the graduate's scientific, the quality of education, the quality of research, and trying to solve various problems by scientific methods in building, reconstruction and investment in all fields.

Objectives: -

  1. Granting a bachelor's degree in administration and accounting sciences.

  2. Preserving the Islamic identity of the graduate through cognitive and intellectual development.

  3. Granting a bachelor's degree in business administration and accounting sciences.

  4. Scientific authenticity.

  5. Preserving the Islamic identity of the graduate.

  6. Revival and spreading of Islamic sciences.

  7. Development of the learning process.

  8. Writing scientific books.

  9. Issuing distinguished periodicals.

  10. Expansion of scientific departments.

  11. Holding authentic international scientific conferences.

  12. Expanding the opening of postgraduate studies to grant MA and PhD degrees in administrative and accounting sciences.