Economics of oil and gas

Degree Duration Study Address E-mail Phone number
Bachelor 4 Years 07702758954

Creating and providing a better teaching climate for students to empower them and raise their levels.
The student acquires cognitive skills in dialogue and discussion.
Providing the student with basic information about theories, foundations, schools and laws in economic sciences and their importance in society.
Training students to understand and analyze economic problems.
Preparing scientifically and professionally qualified cadres in the field of oil and gas economics and linking them to the labor market in state departments and the private sector.
Providing teaching and consulting services in oil and gas economics to support and develop various community institutions and develop the department’s educational programs in a way that is consistent with development in educational methods, especially in quantitative lessons such as economics, measurement, mathematics, and statistics.

Relying on the electronic form of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the purpose of applying to the college and choosing the department, and that the student must have an Iraqi preparatory school certificate, or an equivalent certificate, supported by certification from the General Directorate of Education in the governorate, and that he must be born in the year 1990 onwards. The department accepts students whether they are scientific, literary, applied, biology, or commerce (general - accounting). The minimum acceptance rate is 50.
The student first creates his own account within the application system using his effective mobile number and choosing a password so that he can later enter the central admission system for private education. After that, the student activates the notification services, electronic reservation, and communication through SMS so that the student can use These services are provided during the application, data matching and registration stage.
The student then fills in his data by starting by choosing the graduation institution and then following the system’s instructions during the process of filling out the data and according to the requirements of each category of students.
The application system provides a special interface for electronic reservations to manage reservations for review by the Department of Private University Education or the audit centers in private universities and colleges, according to the requirements of each category of students.
The process of matching electronic data for students who are graduates of the Ministry of Education and who have the examination number and password.
After matching the data, the student can begin the application process by filling out the electronic forms with 4 options within the general application channel, in addition to two forms for those included in the application within the private channels.
The system then carries out the comparison process in a dynamic and real-time manner, where students’ acceptances appear according to their choices in the application forms, and the results are constantly updated throughout the application stage.
Then the registration stage begins after completing the application stage, where the student takes the (registration code) and goes to one of the departments in which he was accepted to complete the registration process.
After the student completes the registration process in the department to which he was accepted, his other admission options are canceled, to allow the rest of the students the opportunity according to the results of the comparison process.