Speech Of Dean


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the shepherd of the human march, our Imam Al-Hussein, peace be upon him, said: "Know that people’s needs to you are among the blessings of God upon you, so do not get bored with the blessings, so they turn to others"

The shortest path to heaven  and the farthest from it is the medical  service.

Our honorable teachers, our dear students, in medicine, the two essences meet, the essence of the continuity of life and the preservation of health, and the essence of human service, which presents a wonderful picture if science is mixed with wisdom and modernity.

Let the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Warith Al-anbya be a symbol of modern medicine and be a pioneer in obtaining indicators of international accreditation and a wonderful model for the embodiment of this divine blessing in the service of society, the individual and the family. I invite you to employ all capabilities for the success of the process of producing a doctor who is highly professional, with integrated knowledge and skills of quality, knowledge of cultures, medical content and the modernity of medical sciences.

Strengthening institutional affiliation, especially to our institution of a religious and a scientific nature, and clarifying and introducing the world, at all national and international levels, to the content of the scientific process that is run in this institution will be the secret of everyone’s success.

 My sincere gratitude to you.