Scientific Research


*Publish as much researches as possible under the affiliation of Warith Al-anbya, College of Medicine.

*Do clinical trials with promised effectiveness and ureses.

*Train as much students as possible about the research processing and publishing.

*Establish an ethical committee and build a research protocol according to the criteria of wraith Al-anbya, College of Medicine.

*Establish a medical journal for the college of Medicine.

*Follow an action plan for the researches of the professors and students in the university and put a plan to increase the productivity.

  • Researches Publishing:

I start to put Warith Al-anbya, College of Medicine as an affiliation for my published researches and also for a book will be published with Springer titled (The clinical and surgical aspects of congenital brain malformations).

  • Clinical Trials:

A clinical trial was registered with the number (NCT04173052) to treat the male infertility with a device called (Fertility improvement device) that gives specific electrical shocks to activate sperms and spermatogenesis.

  • Researches training:

The students, doctors, professors will be trained to do researchers, present ideas and publish them in groups of (10 – 15) students trained on the following:

  • What is the research?
  • How to build an idea?
  • Steps of doing a research.
  • Data collection and processing.
  • Data analysis.
  • Writing the manuscript.
  • Research ethics.
  • Publishing a research.
  • The role of IA in research.


This will be done with (15 – 20) hours divided on 4 days with 5 hours for each day to allow time to them to learn effectively.

  • Medical ethics committee:

An ethical committee will be established to review the research protocols and give an ethical approval with a serial number starts from (1) and up.

Build a platform on the university website specific to the researches that have a guideline about how to write the protocol and submit it to get an approval, either through email (establish a specific official email for researches) or print it and present it directly to the committee.

  • The journal of the University of Warith Al-anbya, College of Medicine:

Establish a medical journal with an editorial committee from the professors and researchers of the university and others from outside Iraq from the great universities and trying to get it into PubMed and Scopus.

  • Research plan for the professors:

Asking each one to present a research plan

  • Students’ surveys:

Review the students’ surveys and researches and guide them about the proper ways of data collection processes.




To apply for the ethical approval for a research. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the protocol file from the website.
  2. Fill all the required information and details and try to cover them completely.
  3. Turn the file into PDF file and send it by the email below to the ethical committee.
  4. In case you cannot send it by email, please print it and present it directly to the ethical committee in the college of medicine.
  5. If it is approved, you will be notified to receive the approval and the serial number of it.
  6. Maybe you will be asked to edit or revise some data or maybe it will be rejected if it is not presented according to the standards of researches and ethics.