Speech Of Dean

Dear colleagues and students, I extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes on the start of the new academic year-  2023-2024.

Our faculty and staff are committed to achieving academic excellence in various fields of research and study.

We are confident in the ability of our students to succeed and reach their academic and professional goals. We encourage active participation in cultural and research activities, as well as fostering relationships with scientific institutions and community service programs to positively impact the scientific and social environment.

We are dedicated to enhancing the college's infrastructure to provide a modern and advanced learning environment. We ask our students to take their academic journey seriously and to strive for excellence in all they do. We appreciate the hard work of our professors and administrators and encourage students to respect their efforts in ensuring academic success.

Success should not be the end goal, but rather the pursuit of excellence. We thank the entire college team for their significant contributions and responsibility towards God and the nation. We call on everyone to work together in elevating our college to a successful model in the national, regional, and international educational arena.

We have great hope that the college will continue to achieve real qualitative development, both academically and socially. We wish you all good health, wellbeing, and success in the coming academic year.

Best regards

Dr. Shaimaa Hussein Nofal