University Council
Academic Title Name Job Title Position
Prof.Dr Ibrahim Sayeed Al-Hayawi President of the University Chairman
Prof.Dr Nofal Mohammed Hussein Al-Araji Assistant President for Administrative Affairs Member
Prof.Dr Waqed hammed Hassan Almowawi Assistant President for Scientific Affairs Member
Prof.Dr Ali Abdul Saadoun Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Member
Prof.Dr Awad Kadhim Shaalan al Khalidy Dean of the College of Administration and Economics Member
Assistant Professor Dr Hussein Hadi Dean of the College of Engineering Member
Assistant Professor Dr Ali Saheb Al-Sharifi Dean of the College of Law Member
Prof.Dr Mortada Ghanem Addai Dean of the College of Nursing Member
Assistant Professor Dr Talal Faiq Al-Kamali Dean of the College of Islamic Sciences Member
Assistant Professor Dr Ahmed Jaber Saleh Council Secretary Member