Student Affairs
  1. The university has activated a link for student ID cards.

  2. Students enter their email and password into the ID card link.

  3. Students fill in their personal information and upload a suitable photo of themselves, then save the information.

  4. Students visit the Dean's Office or the authorized entity responsible for distributing ID cards on behalf of the colleges to receive their student ID card.

1. Martyrs' families (Martyrs' Channel): 50% reduction. 2. Political prisoners (the same political prisoner who is a night study student).

  1. Reduction for close relatives (10%) of the first-degree relatives (father, mother, spouse, the student themselves).
  2. Reduction for student relatives (10%) (father and son, husband and wife, siblings).
  3. Exceptions made by His Eminence the Legal Custodian of the Holy Hussein Shrine

"Step 1:

The student fills in the required information on the reduction form at the Registration and Student Affairs Department.

Step 2:

Completing the form and bringing the documents (student ID, father's ID, residence card) along with the request or anything that may assist the student in the reduction process."

Legal Department: Located on the second floor of Alaa Building, in case the student needs legal assistance.

Registration Department: Located in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences building, for students who need information related to registration.

Office of the University President: Located on the third floor of the Alaa Building, for matters related to discounts.

Finance Department: Located on the second floor in the first building on the right after entering through the main university gate, and it is designated for students, in case of fee payments or financial matters.

Here are the requirements for students when applying to the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa:

  1. Bring the following three (3) certified documents: Father's ID, Mother's ID, Student's ID, Residential ID, and Food Card. Make three (3) copies of each.

  2. Provide six (6) passport-sized photos of the student.

  3. Pay the file opening fee, which is fifty thousand (50,000) dinars for all colleges except the College of Medicine, where the required amount is seventy-five thousand (75,000) dinars.

  4. Submit the first installment of the tuition fees.

  5. Provide the guarantor's information, including their ID and a statement of commitment.

Please make sure to complete these requirements for your application.

The stages of applying to the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa (peace be upon him) are as follows:

  1. First Stage: Creating a personal electronic account for the student.
  2. Second Stage: Opening the electronic account and filling out the required information.
  3. Third Stage: Initiating the application process to universities.
  4. Fourth Stage: University registration phase, which begins through an online portal launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research each year.
  5. Fifth Stage: After completing the registration phase, the student visits the college to receive their assignments, such as schedules, lecture timings, and joining college groups to stay informed about all notifications.
  • The student submits a request to the College Council.
  • The request must be accompanied by the reasons.
  • Valid reasons for transfer include marriage circumstances or a change of residence to another governorate.

Step 1: The student should visit the college dean's office to obtain the approval form.

Step 2: Visit the finance department to pay the approval fee, which is ten thousand dinars.

Step 3: Return to the dean's office for the approval form to be stamped and signed.