Important Notice...

🔸 The Private Higher Education Department announces the extension of the application deadline for private universities and colleges until 15/11/2023.

🔸 Lowering the minimum admission requirements for evening engineering specialties to a minimum of 60.

🔸 Reducing the minimum admission requirements for both morning and evening studies in engineering, engineering technologies, and sciences to a minimum of 61, with current application averages in these fields rising by only one point.

🔸 Dear students, with the extension of the application period for private universities and colleges, we take pride in providing sufficient seats for ambitious students, aiming to facilitate access to higher education for everyone and create a stimulating educational environment to enhance your skills development.

🔸 We assure all students that there are sufficient seats available for admission to university faculties and departments (except for the College of Medicine).

🔸 Hurry to apply to the colleges and departments of Warith Al-Anbiyaa University (peace be upon him).

🔹️ We draw your attention to the necessity of downloading the Private Higher Education Management application, as the process of submitting electronic forms for private universities and colleges is exclusively done through it.

To download the application, use the following link:

🔹️ We would like to inform our dear students that the registration team is available #Throughout_The_Week from 8 am to 5 pm (#Except_Friday from 8 am to 2 pm) to receive you, answer your inquiries, and assist you in completing the application process.




For inquiries, please contact the following numbers:

Short Number: 5751




University Location - Holy Karbala - Baghdad Karbala Road - Next to the City of the Guardians for Visitors