Islamic financial and banking sc

Degree Duration Study Address E-mail Phone number
Bachelor 4 Years 0

1. Raising a generation of young people with Islamic financial and banking culture.
2. Preparing academic cadres to fill the scientific void in the field of education and Islamic banking.
3. Preparing a scientific researcher specialized in the field of financial and banking sciences in particular, and Islamic sciences in general.
4. Studying Islamic banking within the framework of a curriculum related to other studies such as linguistics, hadith, jurisprudence, and principles.
Firstly, the conditions for admission to the college:
1. Adopting admission conditions for students in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (central admission).
2. To successfully pass any special test or personal interview deemed appropriate by the college or university council.
3. He must be medically fit for the specialty applied for.

Secondly, the conditions for admission to the scientific department: -
5. Choose the student’s desire, arranged according to preference.
6. High school acceptance rate.
7. The course average of the department in which the student wishes to study.
8. Absorptive capacity of the scientific department.
Application to the department is done through the electronic form provided by the Ministry of Higher Education for admission to private colleges and universities.