Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs Department Overview: The Legal Affairs Department was established at the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa. The administrative structure of this department includes the Legal Affairs Manager, overseeing two branches: the Legal Consultations Branch and the Pledges and Commitments Branch. The department is directly linked to the University's Assistant President for Administrative Affairs to ensure the legal work operates independently and without any influences that may affect the expression of legal opinions.

Legal Rights and Litigation Branch

Real Estate and University Housing Branch

Legal Consultations Branch

Academic and Student Contracts Branch


Contributing to the enforcement of the law, upholding justice, and providing legal advice to all faculties affiliated with the university. Additionally, establishing investigative committees to ensure optimal implementation of the law. There are several key objectives, including:

Providing legal consultation.

Precisely applying the law, avoiding violations of existing regulations and instructions, and providing legal advice to the university and its faculties whenever necessary. Defending the rights and obligations of the university.

Organizing comprehensive studies to express legal opinions in various fields and supporting departments related to legal advice.

Actively participating in most committees formed at the university presidency, as well as other committees that require legal input.

Supervising investigative committees formed at the university presidency or its affiliated colleges, monitoring their procedures, and auditing them from a legal perspective.

Filing civil and criminal lawsuits against third parties to establish the university's rights or represent the university before courts and state authorities, while overseeing legal matters.