Participation of the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa in Collaboration and Educational Development

As part of the efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to enhance scientific collaboration with reputable universities worldwide, a delegation from the University of Wraith Al-Anbiyaa (peace be upon him), led by Professor Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hayawi, participated in a meeting held at the University of Baghdad. The meeting brought together representatives from the universities of Baghdad, Al-Nahrain, Technology, and Wraith Al-Anbiyaa, along with a delegation from the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom, in the presence of the Iraqi Prime Minister's Advisor, Professor Dr. Hameed Khalaf Ahmed.

The meeting aimed to discuss the state of higher education and the ministry's efforts to bring about quantitative and qualitative changes in the scientific and cultural landscape in Iraq, as well as to foster connections with international universities.

During the meeting, discussions revolved around the shared collaboration strategy between the University of Dundee and Iraqi universities, as well as opportunities for engagement with British universities in general. These initiatives are expected to significantly contribute to the scientific progress within the country.