Modern Construction Methods Used in the Rapid Replacement of a Railway Bridge in Five Days

The Department of Civil Engineering, in collaboration with the Department of Scientific Affairs at the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (Peace Be Upon Him), organized a scientific seminar titled "Modern Construction Technology Using Hydraulic Jacks Systems Rapid Bridge Replacement on 5 Days Timelapse." The seminar was presented by Dr. Haitham Hassan Mutab Al-Daami, an expert in the design of steel structures and concrete facilities from the University of Babylon.

The seminar highlighted the use of modern technology and hydraulic crane systems for the swift replacement of railway bridges within a five-day timeframe. Dr. Haitham Al-Daami was invited by the implementing company of this technology in Germany to witness the stages of bridge replacement. Subsequently, he conveyed this experience to our university professors for local utilization.