Students from the College of Engineering Participate in the Conference

Professors and students from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (Peace Be Upon Him) took part in the proceedings of the Iraq 2023 International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering and Energy, held in the capital, Baghdad. The conference was organized by the Iraqi Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.

Fourth-year students, Munir Mohammed Fathallah and Zainab Ahmed Riadh, contributed to a research team under the supervision of civil engineering professors Mr. Maher Khudair Abbas and Engineer Zainab Muayad Naji from the Al-Ain Social Care Foundation. They presented a research paper titled:

"Urban Development of Bayn Al-Haramayn Zone Based on 25-Year Estimation of Al-Arbaeen Crowd Density."

The presentation proposed urban development for the Bayn Al-Haramayn area based on estimating the crowd density during the Arbaeen pilgrimage for the next 25 years.