"The Digital Design" Workshop for Media College Students

In the presence of Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hayawi, the University President, and Dr. Mohamed Jamal Al-Taif, the Dean of the College of Media, the Department of Digital Media at the College of Media, in collaboration with the Media Department at the Holy Hussainiya Shrine, organized a scientific workshop titled "Digital Design Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques" presented by designer Osama Adnan Al-Khayyat from the Media Office of the Holy Hussainiya Shrine.

The University President emphasized to the students the importance of showcasing their media talents and assured them of the university's strong support by launching a competition for the best college logo design, designing a brochure specifically for the College of Media, and creating a professional promotional video.

This workshop aimed to introduce the concept of design and its types, as well as the artificial intelligence tools that designers can utilize in their work. The workshop also included sharing experiences in designing websites for the Holy Shrine.