Student Activities

After the founding of Warith Alanbiyaa University at 2017, there was a need to sponsor the talents of the students and take advantage of their free time in things that reveal their talents and develop their personality from technical, athletic, creative and cultural aspects.

The Presidency of the University activated the Department of Student Activities and appointed (Assistant lecturer Hamam Al-Khafaji) at 18/12/2017 to carry out his duties as Head of the Department of Student Activities, the department included three units:

  Sport Activities Unit.

Technical Activities Unit.

  Scout Activities Unit.


Among the duties that the department seeks to achieve are:

> Supervising on the training and teaching of students, refining the students energies and employ these energies in something useful and productive.

> Satisfying the students' tendencies in practicing sports and artistic activities, and promoting the spirit of teamwork and the best use of leisure time.

> Managing the department affairs and the appointment of supervisors on sports championships.

> Submit a suggestion for the plan of sports championships to be adopted in the academic year and supervise the implementation of the places and times specified in the plan after adoption.

> Issuing the regulations and instructions for sports championships and circulating them to the colleges of the university and adhere them to ensure the conduct of championships properly.

> Follow up the progress of sports championships for colleges and appoint referees and supervisors to manage these championships.

> Report the results of sports competitions to be adopted in the evaluation system of the colleges.

> Resolving the objections submitted by the colleges during the championships and forming the special committees to consider these objections.

> Participation in all meetings, conferences and seminars organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in cooperation with the University Sport Union.

> Preparing the university teams for individual and team games to participate in the competitions organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in cooperation with the University Sport Union in order to achieve the best results.

> Participation in all festivals and celebrations organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in cooperation with the University Sports Union.

> Configure a database for the department.

> Reduce the burden of daily life and get out of the study routine by providing appropriate sports activities for students.

> Developing a technical cultural curriculum to develop students' talents in the following disciplines: Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramic, Calligraphy and Decoration, Painting on Glass, Sewing and Design, Handicrafts, Graphic and Journalist Design), as well as, Quran recitation, Poetry and Theatre.

> Developing the creative side of students to enable the student's ability to use the available senses and the ability to imagine, organize and connect information and shapes in the surrounding environment and discover relationships and laws and solve problems in that environment.

> Develop an annual curriculum for technical activities in line with the existing competences in the unit as well as training programs and participate in this annual curriculum all technical units in the faculties of the University of Warith Alanbiyaa.

> Create opportunities for university staff to participate in the internal championships organized by the department.

Department Vision

The department seeks to build a healthy and athletic generation that has the right attitude.

Department Message

Opening up to others, and spreading the original culture of sport.

Build a balanced personality among students away from destructive thoughts.

Department Objectives

Participation in:

  Meetings, conferences, seminars or similar.

Local, International and regional championships and festivals.