Facility Management

The Department of Diwan Affairs is the largest department at the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (peace be upon him). It holds a significant and vital role in providing essential services to the university. The Department of Diwan Affairs is the convergence point of various aspects of university life, and its achievements extend to all departments of the university, including the presidency, colleges, their departments, and all affiliated faculty and students.

- Mechanics and Transportation Department

- Maintenance and Services Department

-Technical Workshops Department

- Agricultural Department

- Communications and Exchange Department

- Civil Defense Department


The Diwan Affairs Department includes in its vision the elevation of practical and service performance to reach the ranks of international universities.


The Diwan Department seeks to be a crucial link between the university, its various departments, branches, and units, and the rest of the university's diverse formations, ensuring a high level of service provision fluidity.


  1. Provide the university with all essential services.
  2. Enhance the management and functional performance levels of university affiliates.
  3. Deliver the best services and monitor the progress of service operations.
  4. Monitor building requirements, including devices and maintenance.