Quality Assurance and Academic Performance

The Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance was established in the University of Warith Alanbiyaa at December 2017 in conjunction with the first year of the University in the higher education sector, the early establishment of this section is the best proof that the University is determined to move forward to ensure academic outputs in all its operations from Teaching, learning and scientific research. This department is linked administratively to the Office of the Scientific Assistant of the university chancellor and works in the spirit of one team with all administrative and scientific departments to improve scientific and administrative performance using all available resources.

The Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance is linked to the Office of Assistant Chancellor for scientific affairs

The Department includes the following units:

Laboratory Accreditation Unit

Quality Assurance Unit

Performance Assessment Unit

Training and Technical Support Unit


We aspire to make the culture of quality and mastery entrenched distinctly to all the scientific and administrative staff at the university


Working with all available resources for the purpose of establishing a system of quality integrated theoretically and practically to measure, improve and accredit the scientific and administrative performance of the University