Academic Pursuance

This department has been in existence since the inception of the distinguished scientific institution of the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (Peace Be Upon Him). Since its establishment, the university has accorded special importance to the Follow-up Department, recognizing its crucial role in safeguarding the university campus with its diverse components, including security personnel, civil defense, inquiries, the issuance of permits, and decorations, in addition to the patrols within the university campus.

Information and Security Department

Passes and Decorations Department

Camera Surveillance Department

University Relations and Communication Unit


Developing futuristic plans and modernizing the department in line with the ongoing evolution in universities, professionally mitigating current and future external risks and threats. Upholding the institution's reputation, fostering trust, transparency with students and the community by providing the best security services.


To be an exemplary model in the university educational environment, setting standards for security and safety. Creating a secure atmosphere according to quality standards, striving to equip human resources with high competence in crisis management, protecting lives and properties, and emphasizing human values such as honesty, integrity, dedication, transparency, and collaboration.


Broadening the scope of the Follow-up Department beyond university security to include guiding incoming guests to the university, overcoming obstacles for them to reach their goals, and maintaining the university's reputation by projecting the best image.

Establishing a comprehensive university security system and elevating the level of discipline, ensuring the safety of lives and properties.

Collaborating with the University Relations Department to guide and assist visitors, presenting the university in the best light.

Creating an integrated security system for the university, improving discipline, and preserving lives and properties.