The employment of 100 male and female students in the medical institutions of the Holy Hussaini Shrines.

As part of the "Entrepreneurship Initiative" launched by the Prime Minister's Office and executed by the university in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education to prepare and train graduates for employment in the sacred institutions of the Holy Hussaini Shrines, His Eminence Sheikh Abdul-Mehdi Al-Karbalai (may he be honored), the religious authority for the Holy Hussaini Shrines, issued a decree to employ 100 male and female students from Wraith Al-Anbiyaa University in the medical institutions of the Holy Hussaini Shrines.

The university's leadership directed the Warith Elevate Center (Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Development) to prepare and train the nominated students for their future positions. It's worth mentioning that the Warith Elevate Center has developed a comprehensive training program for the university students in collaboration with the Holy Hussaini Shrines institutions to equip the students for employment, with competency as the key criterion.

Wraith Al-Anbiyaa University comprises six faculties:

  1. College of Human Medicine
  2. College of Engineering, with three departments:
    • Biomedical Engineering (Morning/Evening)
    • Civil Engineering (Morning/Evening)
    • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering (Morning/Evening)
  3. College of Nursing
  4. College of Law (Morning/Evening)
  5. College of Management and Economics, with two departments:
    • Accounting (Morning/Evening)
    • Business Administration (Morning/Evening)
  6. College of Islamic Sciences, with three departments:
    • Quran Sciences (Morning/Evening)
    • Jurisprudence and its Principles (Morning/Evening)
    • Islamic Finance and Banking Sciences (Morning/Evening)

The university is actively working towards establishing several new faculties and departments in the upcoming academic year, including:

  • College of Engineering, Department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering
  • College of Law, Department of Political Science
  • College of Management and Economics, Department of Project Management
  • Department of Oil and Gas Economics
  • College of Media, Department of Digital Media
  • Department of Public Relations
  • College of Science, Department of Medical Physics
  • Department of Information Technology.

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