Supervision and Internal Auditing

The department of Supervision and Internal Auditing was founded since the university's foundation in 2017. The University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa's (PBUH) organisational structure links the department administratively to the president of the university.


The department head and two specialised employees make up the staff in the Department of Supervision and Internal Auditing.

Financial Audit Division

Reports Follow-up Division

Firstly, Message of the Supervision and Internal Auditing Department.


Proposing appropriate steps to evaluate examinations, providing advice to management, verifying the extent of compliance with established policies, procedures, and plans, as well as verifying the integrity of asset protection procedures, and also improving and developing performance. The primary goal of auditing is to assist members of management in carrying out their tasks and responsibilities through inspection and evaluation processes, and giving advice to management for the purpose of introducing improvements that are in the interest of the university.


Secondly, Vision of the Supervision and Internal Auditing Department


The Audit and Internal Control Department seeks to meet the university’s requirements and take into account accuracy and transparency in applying applicable laws, instructions and regulations to ensure the success of all legal, administrative and financial procedures. This is done according to precise and elaborate programmes that continue to develop in line with all developments.


Thirdly, Objectives of the Supervision and Internal Auditing Department


In order to tighten control over the university's financial resources and revenue, the department seeks to implement current laws and instructions in all financial and administrative actions. It also applies these financial and accounting instructions to ascertain the department's level of commitment to the decisions and laws in effect in order to accomplish the goal of control and audit in preserving public funds.