Cybersecurity Fundamentals

The College of Science / Department of Information Technology organized a training workshop for students titled ‘Cybersecurity Fundamentals’, presented by trainer Hussam Mohammed Al-Owaidi. The workshop covered topics related to information security and cybersecurity, including phishing and fraud detection, types of malicious and harmful software, and methods for safeguarding electronic information

First-year students in the Department of Medical Physics begin the “mid-semester” exam for the current academic year

First-year students in the Department of Medical Physics at the College of Science have started their mid-semester exams for the current academic year.

A scientific tour with students of the Information Technology Department at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University

Under the guidance of the department’s professors, first-year students in the Department of Information Technology (IT) at the College of Science, University of Warith AL-Anbiyaa, embarked on a scientific visit to the university’s electronic computer center. During this visit, they gained insights into the platform and applications offered by the university, as well as the networks and methods for connecting them. Additionally, they explored the programming system in use.
The primary objective of this visit was to familiarize the students with their specific area of study, which holds immense importance for the future. This field plays a critical role in electronic management and institutional security, safeguarding against hacking and cyberattacks. By equipping these students with essential knowledge, the university aims to prepare them for their future careers in this dynamic domain

Electronic programs and their importance

“Electronic programs and their importance” in a workshop for students of the University of ًWarith al-Anbiyaa (peace be upon him)Within the directives of the administration of the University of Warith al-Anbiyaa (peace be upon him) to adopt electronic governance in all colleges and departments of the universityThe Deanship of the College of Sciences held a training workshop for first-year students that focused on the electronic programs owned by the university, such as the “Warith” application, the e-learning system, the Bologna Ministerial Path, the official email, and other important programs. This workshop came to develop the students’ electronic skills and provide them with the necessary knowledge during their academic career