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Overview of the College:

The "College of Sciences" at the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa (peace be upon him) is a modern and innovative cornerstone in the academic environment during the current academic year. With the establishment of this college, we aspire to prepare a generation of inspired and qualified graduates in the fields of Medical Physics and Information Technology, who will be pioneers in their fields and active contributors to societal progress.

The establishment of the college reflects our commitment to providing high-quality education in line with the latest scientific and technological developments. Our students benefit from unique opportunities to acquire the necessary skills and in-depth knowledge in their specialties, whether in the field of modern Medical Physics or Information Technology.

Information Technology Department:

The Information Technology department stands out by providing programs that respect rapid developments in this advanced field. The department focuses on equipping students with skills in software design and development, IT infrastructure management, and solving complex technical problems. The department aims to produce experts in the field of Information Technology capable of interacting with modern challenges.

Medical Physics Department:

The Medical Physics department adopts an integrated approach that combines a deep understanding of physics with its application in the medical field. The department trains students to use physical techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The program includes the study of medical principles, medical imaging techniques, and medical devices. The department aims to prepare graduates who combine medical knowledge with a profound understanding of physics to enhance patient care.


The College of Sciences aspires to be a leader in scientific education and scientific research in the region. We look forward to achieving excellence in the fields of Medical Physics and Information Technology and to being a catalyst for innovation and scientific progress.

The College of Sciences is committed to providing high-quality scientific education focused on developing knowledge and skills in the fields of modern Medical Physics and Information Technology. We aim to graduate qualified students with deep knowledge and the ability to contribute to scientific and technological development.

*Provide an educational environment that encourages critical thinking and creativity in the fields of Medical Physics and Information Technology.

*Equip students with the practical and technical skills necessary for excellence in scientific fields.

*Enhance scientific research and innovation in the fields of Medical Physics and Information Technology.

*Develop educational programs that are updated according to developments in science and technology.

*Foster interaction and partnership with healthcare institutions and technology companies to enhance employment and training opportunities for students.

By achieving this vision, mission, and specified objectives, we seek to equip our students to be pioneers in their fields and active contributors to societal progress and scientific development.