Department of Medical Physics

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Bachelor 4 Years 9647725236775

Medical physics is a branch of applied physics that specializes in applying the principles and methods of physics to diagnose and treat diseases (diagnosis) and treat them (therapy). Medical physics collaborates with other sciences in this regard, such as “medical electronics” (which is concerned with the development and development of medical devices) and “biomedical engineering” (which specializes in applying engineering principles in biology and medicine) and “medical physics” (which is concerned with estimating and controlling radiation doses and protection from it).
Medical physics is also called biomedical physics or applied physics in medicine or physics applications in medical sciences or radiation physics.
Medical physics is divided into four main branches: Therapeutic Radiological Physics Nuclear Medicine Physics Diagnostic Imaging Physics Medical Health Physics
In addition to that, in some other divisions: Laser Physics Ultrasound Physics Infrared and thermal therapy Bioelectrical Physics (such as electrocardiography and electroencephalography)
In large hospitals, there is a department called medical physics, and under it, there are departments for these four branches. The radiation therapy physics department is usually the largest, where physicists provide support services for the radiation treatment of cancer patients in the hospital, such as planning radiation doses and ensuring their accurate delivery to cancer patients. Diagnostic imaging devices such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, and others require the presence of a diagnostic imaging physicist. They work to ensure that these devices comply with international standards and specifications for patients.
In the event of a possibility of radiation leakage in the hospital or any institution, there must be health physicists who ensure that patients or employees are not exposed to unnecessary radiation and communicate with the relevant authorities

Admission to the college is based on the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s electronic form, and the student must have an Iraqi preparatory certificate or an equivalent certificate, endorsed by the General Directorate of Education in the province, and be born in 1990 or later.
The minimum admission grade is 57%
The student first creates their own account within the application system using their active mobile number and choosing a password so that they can later access the central admission system for private education. After that, the student activates the advertising, electronic reservation, and communication services through SMS messages so that the student can use these services during the application phase and match the data and registration.
Then the student fills in their data by starting with choosing the graduation department and then following the system’s instructions during the data filling process according to the requirements of each category of students.
The application system provides a special interface for electronic reservation management to review the private university education department or audit centers in universities and private colleges according to the requirements of each category of students.
The electronic data matching process for students from the Ministry of Education graduates who have the exam number and password.
After the data is matched, the student can start the application process by filling out the electronic forms with 4 options within the general application channel in addition to two forms for those included in the special channels.
Then the system performs the comparison process dynamically and accurately, where the students’ acceptances appear according to their choices in the application forms, and the results are constantly updated throughout the application phase.
Then the registration phase begins after the end of the application phase, where the student takes (the registration code) and goes to one of the departments in which they were accepted to complete the registration process.
After the student completes the registration process in the college in which they were accepted, their other acceptance options are canceled to give the opportunity to other students according to the results of the comparison process.